Georgia Property Tax Relief, Inc. specializes in reducing property taxes for Atlanta area property owners- representing our clients at the Board of Equalization and working with proven results to lower commercial property taxes as well as residential property taxes.  We lower the property tax burden for parcels all across Georgia and the Atlanta area.  Counties where we reduce property taxes include Gwinnett County, Fulton, DeKalb, Forsyth, Fayette, Hall, Barrow, Walton, and any other Georgia county.  We are a property tax consulting firm that works to lower the property tax assessment for your commercial or residential property.  Our address is 3435 Buford Highway Duluth, GA  30096.  Our team of appraisers is ready to assist with all of your property tax reduction needs.


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How Much Does it Cost?

We are a full service consulting firm, which means that we handle everything for you!  Just sign our simple authorization form and we take care of the rest!   - and we do it all while maintaining our low fee structure, because we believe that your tax savings shouldn't be eaten up by consulting fees. 

At Georgia Property Tax Relief, Incorporated

you only pay just $100 for residential properties

$250 for commercial properties.

 You pay NOTHING else unless we save you money!

Once the appeal process is complete, you pay us 25% (30% for commercial properties) of your First year’s tax savings.

 The tax savings that we earn for you will last for 3 years - But you keep 75% of the first years savings and 100% of the savings in years 2 and 3!  Based on our track record, you could potentially save thousands of dollars a year!


 What you get!

 In return for the $100 service fee, our services include the following:

 •Assigning  a highly trained professional to your case, who is dedicated to reducing your property taxes 

•Filing a real estate return on your behalf, before the deadline date, to protect your appeal rights

 •Preparing a persuasive appeal case to the county assessor’s office 

•Handling all correspondence required for your case with the assessor’s offices  and Board of Equalization 

•Researching and analyzing comparable market sales, income capitalization, uniformity issues, vacancy rates and market trends 

•Persuasively negotiating with the Tax Assessor’s office on your behalf prior to formal appeal hearings

 •Presenting evidence and arguments at the appeal hearing as your representative that will most likely result in a reduction of your property tax liability.


Once the appeal process is complete, and your savings are verified, then and only then, will you billed for the 25% (30% for commercial properties) of your first year’s tax savings.

  Now is the time to Reduce your Tax burden! CALL NOW or simply fill out and fax in the Service Agreement, and put our knowledge and experience to work for you!